"Chicago Is Out? Chicago Is Out?!"

CNN’s Tony Harris has a “The Bears are who we thought they were” moment on live TV:

[youtube EuE60mq0r1Q]

Rick Moran adds, “Obama gambled the prestige of his presidency on a trifle and will likely pay a price for it.”


Update: It’s a teachable moment: “If I could summarize the lesson in a single sentence”, Steven Den Beste writes, “it would be this: C-in-C doesn’t mean ‘Campaigner in Chief’.”

It’s also a teachable moment for the Politco’s Glenn Thrush thanks to Ace, and Think Progress, thanks to Glenn Reynolds, who adds, “Whatever Soros is paying, it’s too much.”

Update: “It speaks volumes about the state of things when it takes a decision by the Olympic Selection Committee to keep Chicago’s taxpayers from getting completely screwed once again.”


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