Ed Driscoll

Dan Rather: A Braver Man Than Obama


Noel Sheppard writes, “President Barack Obama might be afraid to go on the Fox News Channel, but former CBS Evening News anchor Dan Rather certainly isn’t”:


In fact, Rather has given FNC’s Neil Cavuto the first chance to ask him about Tuesday’s court decision to toss out his lawsuit against CBS.

As reported by Mediaite Wednesday evening:

The New York Supreme Court appellate division dismissed Dan Rather’s $70 million lawsuit against his former employer CBS yesterday, and both sides have weighed in. But one person who hasn’t talked yet is Rather himself.

He’ll make his first comments since the dismissal [Thursday] – on Fox News.

Mediaite has learned Neil Cavuto will have the exclusive interview with Rather [Thursday] on his 4pmET show Your World. It will also be on his Fox Business Network program at 6pmET.

As Mediaite pointed out, Rather has done interviews with Cavuto before.

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