Ed Driscoll

Not Many People Know It, But The Fuhrer Was A Terrific Dancer

Over at the Weekly Standard, Michael Goldfarb has your Tweet of the Day, from ABC’s Jake Tapper, at the United Nations:

so far, people more polite than @CongJoeWilson during POTUS speech: Chavez, Qadaffi, Mugabe. Kudos. gents!

Botched joke defense in 3…2..1..?

Tapper has deleted his tweet, but not before it was picked up by Goldfarb and others. Fortunately, another tweet (spotted by Rich Lowry) reveals that the president was not swayed by the Libyan colonel’s obvious charm and debonair Hollywood looks:

Per Tweet Tracker, “WH/Gibbs confirmed Qadhafi was not invited to the Obama’s reception for world leaders this evening at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

And Allahpundit notes the remarkable symmetry of Obama and Qadhafi‘s speeches on the same day:

And now I’m going to make a painful confession. As loathsome as [Qadhafi] is, I couldn’t help feeling a tiny — tiny — bit of sympathy at watching someone who quite clearly lacks the mental capacity to realize he’s making a spectacle of himself. Ever seen a homeless guy ranting at no one in particular, and quite convinced that he’s winning the “argument”? Dude. Exit question: First Joe Wilson, now Qaddafi. How many “important” Obama speeches are going to be overshadowed by a bizarre outburst?

(Above headline courtesy of Mel Brooks’ The Producers, of course.)

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