Well, So Much For "Messing With Them"

Last night, ACORN’s modified limited hangout on the tape recorded by James O’Keefe and Hannah Giles in their San Bernardino office was:

The head organizer for California ACORN says a new video that appears to show a staffer at the organization’s San Bernardino office is fake journalism.The video, which was posted shortly before 2 p.m. Tuesday on a Web site called Big Government.com, shows a female ACORN employee talking to a man who claims to be a pimp interested in establishing a brothel where underage immigrant prostitutes would turn tricks in order to raise money for political activity.

The woman, identified on the video as Tresa Kaelke, appears on posted footage to be interested in cooperating the plan. However, California ACORN head organizer Amy Schur said the video is a gross misrepresentation of what actually happened.

“In this video, there are two actors who come into our office and who were messing with us. And our employee was messing with them,” Schur said.


And now it’s the SBPD’s chance to mess back.

Much more from Ed Morrissey, who also has some thoughts on Media Matters’ ridiculous pro-ACORN spin.


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