Welcome To The Party, Fellas

ABC finally airs a segment on ACORN; click here to watch. Jake Tapper does a reasonable job, but it’s fascinating to watch “omniscient” anchorman Charlie Gibson set up a report on an organization that as of yesterday he admitted knowing virtually nothing about.


James Taranto asks, “ Is there a case for a special prosecutor?

“Obama worked for Acorn and Acorn worked for Obama. That doesn’t mean the president is implicated in any wrongdoing, but it suggests at least that the worse things get for Acorn, the more embarrassing it is for him. If the Justice Department fails to prosecute, it invariably would raise suspicions of political favoritism.

ACORN’s Bertha Lewis also stopped by to chat with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer. Click over to Hot Air for video, and for Allah’s commentary:

Watch her thank O’Keefe and Giles for helping weed out the very few bad apples in the ACORN system before (a) threatening to sue them, (b) accusing them of doctoring the vids, and (c) alleging that they were turned away from “dozens” of offices. She also hedges when he presses her on submitting to an external review in lieu of that sham “audit” she thinks we’re all stupid enough to take seriously.

The “audit” that’s being overseen by “A Soros hack, an SEIU thug, someone who pleaded to lying to the FBI, and a Kennedy.”

What could go wrong?


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