Crazed Fringe Group,Tiny Minority, Gathers In Secluded Corner Of Nation's Capital

Via Capitalist Coffee, (Good to the last Drachma!) amazing photo of the September 13th Tea Party in Washington DC. Definitely click to enlarge, to see it full-sized:



Related: From Tabatha Hale, “Setting The Record Straight: My Diabolical Tea Party Attendance ‘Misinformation Campaign.'”

Meanwhile, in a new article here at Pajamas HQ, Charlie Martin confirms that the above photo was indeed taken on 9/12 (as opposed to the Promise Keepers photo which made the rounds on Saturday, a photo of  a conservative event from the mid-’90s that similarly received anemic legacy press coverage). He then adds the new photo to the data used for his previous crowd estimates and concludes, “Yeah, It Was Big.”

So (to coin a phrase), how big was it? 

Click over to read Charlie’s article.


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