The Quotable Harry Reid

On Iraq: “This war is lost and the surge is not accomplishing anything” — April 19, 2007

On the importance of energy diversity during the early stages of an economic recession: “Coal makes us sick, oil makes us sick, it’s ruining our country, it’s ruining our world.” — June of 2008


From December of 2008, Harry’s shares some advice on proper grooming and hygiene:

“My staff tells me not to say this, but I’m going to say it anyway,” said Reid in his remarks. “In the summer because of the heat and high humidity, you could literally smell the tourists coming into the Capitol. It may be descriptive but it’s true.”

But it’s no longer going to be true, noted Reid, thanks to the air conditioned, indoor space.

And yet, clearly, Harry is a Democrat who believes that democracy is what makes this nation great, as he reaffirmed earlier this month:

Town hall protesters are “evil-mongers,” says Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.)

Reid coined the term in a speech to an energy conference in Las Vegas this week and repeated it in an interview with Politics Daily.

Such “evil-mongers” are using “lies, innuendo and rumor,” to drown out rational debate, Reid said.

From this past Friday, on how the passing of Ted Kennedy, a fellow Democratic senator, could aid in the government’s efforts to nationalize health care: “I think it’s going to help us.”

And also this month, Harry on the importance of the First Amendment and a diversified media environment:


On Wednesday, before he addressed a Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce luncheon, Reid joined the chamber’s board members for a meet-‘n’-greet and a photo. One of the last in line was the Review-Journal’s director of advertising, Bob Brown, a hard-working Nevadan who toils every day on behalf of advertisers. He has nothing to do with news coverage or the opinion pages of the Review-Journal.

Yet, as Bob shook hands with our senior U.S. senator in what should have been nothing but a gracious business setting, Reid said: “I hope you go out of business.”

Regarding that last pronouncement from Senator Geary, Glenn Thrush of the Politico believes “It Was All Just A Joke!”

It was, indeed.


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