Rep. King: Obama Administration Has Declared War On The CIA

Don Surber writes, “Republican Congressman Pete King [R-NY] has been one of the best advocates of protecting the nation from another attack”:

King had a great assessment of the plan to have the White House and not the CIA be in charge of collecting intelligence from captured terror: “Can you imagine if George Bush had ever said he’s going to be in charge of interrogations?”

That’s not all. King is standing up to the persecution by this administration of those who protected us after 9/11.

King: “I believe the attorney general and the Obama administration have declared war on the CIA. Either President Obama is misleading the American people and he does want to look backward or he’s lost control of his administration.”


Why can’t both be true simultaneously? And yes, the attack on the CIA is merely another front opened up by the man who, inverting Clausewitz, views politics as an extension of war.

Which is why, as Daniel Henninger adds, “The War on Terror Is Over.”


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