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At NRO’s Media Blog, Greg Pollowitz jokes, “The Left Sure Is Mad at Andrew Breitbart for some of the things he’s Tweeted about the death of Ted Kennedy.  It’s almost as if Andrew got drunk and drove off a bridge or something.”


Heh. At the American Spectator, Stacy McCain dubs the paranoia amongst the left “The Kopechne Effect” and notes that it’s having the opposite of its intended chilling effect:

Thursday afternoon, libertarian journalist David Weigel sent out a message on Twitter that struck me as profound: “The proliferation of liberal media watchdogs has led to much, much, much more repetition of what conservatives say.”

Watchdogging is perhaps the sincerest form of media flattery. If what was written and said by conservatives on the Internet, radio and TV had no influence on public discourse, liberals would not be constantly monitoring Mark Levin, Glenn Beck and Michelle Malkin. What is amusing, to anyone directly familiar with the haphazard operating environment of right-wing communications, is the liberal suspicion that everything conservatives do is carefully orchestrated.

Read the whole thing, as we masters of the carefully orchestrated, top-down controlled starboard half of the Blogospheric universe like to say in our usual ominous stentorian tones.

Update: “Respect The Dead” — Caleb Howe demonstrates how the left does it in style.

Update: “Is It Too Soon? Probably not…”


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