"Much More To Kennedy's Legacy Than Reported On MSNBC"

Brent Baker of Newsbusters spots an information embargo being broken:

“While offering condolences to the Kennedy family at this sad moment, it is important to note that his life was not as simple, nor heroic, as is now being portrayed,” Howie Carr maintained in scolding the media in his Thursday Boston Herald column. He cited what “was invariably described as Ted Kennedy’s ‘collegial’ Senate — where voices were seldom raised, and partisan bickering ended when the gavel came down to end the session.” Carr zinged: “All of which would have come as a surprise to Robert Bork.”

Carr, the afternoon talk host on WRKO, contended Kennedy “was always protected by most of the media, who shared his views on just about everything.” Carr’s latest example: “The [Boston] Globe reported that Kennedy was extremely concerned that the people of Massachusetts would have no representation in the Senate for five months until the special election. The fact that he had already missed 97 percent of the Senate roll-call votes in 2009 was not noted until the next day — in a different newspaper.”

Carr safely predicted: “The hagiography will continue throughout the weekend. We all agree that Ted Kennedy should rest in peace. But let’s not forget that there was more, much more, to his ‘legacy’ than is being reported on MSNBC.”


And speaking of MSNBC and the company that it’s a subsidiary of, “Leaked e-mail shows how GE puts the government to work for GE.”


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