Someone Needs A Pinch Of Tea

As Michelle Malkin writes, “Always count on the Fishwrap of Record to have its finger on the pulse of America!”

Mark Levin held the #1 spot on the NYTimes best-seller list for 12 weeks this summer.

Culture of Corruption has held the top spot for the past 3 weeks.

Glenn Beck’s latest book has topped the paperback non-fiction list for 9 weeks.

The latest broadside against Obama from Dick Morris and Eileen McGann has also been on the NYT list for two months.

So what does a NYTimes book reviewer conclude?

Why, Karl Marx is “back in vogue.”


newsweek-cover-2-16-09Oh sure — because that mindset worked so well for Newsweek back in February. Besides, when is he ever out of vogue at the Gray Lady, who’s had a permanent romance with Marx, or at least what Arnold Kling once dubbed “folk Marxism”, since the days of Duranty.

(Former NYT ombudsman Daniel Okrent’s words from 2004 continue to ring loud and clear, even if his fellow Timesmen never bothered to learn from the message.)


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