Ed Driscoll

Don't Confuse Helen Thomas, Keith

Gateway Pundit quips, “Shocker… Keith Olbermann Lies About Tea Party Violence– Compares Protesters to Hamas & Hezbollah:”

The only violent episodes reported at the tea party protests have been from Obama-supporters and union thugs beating the crap out of black conservatives, smashing women and attacking peaceful anti-Obamacare Americans.

But, that isn’t what Keith Olbermann is reporting…

Olberman ran a recent report on the tea party protests. He compared the tea party protesters to Hamas and Hezbollah terrorists.

He also talked about the St. Louis town hall meeting on Thursday night…

But he forgot to mention that it was SEIU Carnahan supporters who were arrested and it was a black conservative and a woman who were attacked.

Don’t compare ’em to Hezbollah, Keith — Helen Thomas won’t know who to root for.

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