Ed Driscoll

All Venues Lead To Waterloo

The Rhetorican writes:

So a cowardly Arkansas Democrat thinks he can silence angry Tea Partiers by holding a townhall meeting inside a Children’s Hospital, huh?  He must think he’s so clever.

Well, maybe it’s too late to show Rep. Vic Snyder (D-Arkansas) that your decorum won’t keep you from protesting, because the fact is you don’t need to be loud to protest.  But it’s really no problem.  No problem at all.

As the Rhetorican notes, no need  to be a nonconsensual human shield for Democrats; your representatives “can hold their townhall meetings in a buddhist temple if they want; and you can still protest without disturbing a fly.” Read on for a excellent suggestion — leftwing community organizer approved! — that’s well worth trying, and will make for awesome video as well.