Ed Driscoll

Springtime For Roseanne


Ahh, the old “I wear a Nazi uniform to show I’m anti-Nazi” shtick, which is well over forty years old. The audition scene for Mel Brooks’ The Producers featured plenty of both dancing Hitlers and singing Hitlers — Roseanne Barr apparently wants to be the baking Hitler.

(Bumped to top.)

Update: The Mere Rhetoric blog adds that in and of themselves, the photos of Roseanne in full Fuhrer drag are not really worth losing sleep over, “because it’s Roseanne Barr so who cares. But they’re hard to beat as a textbook example of how the left excuses vulgar anti-Semitism as irony, leaving them free to get the cheap visceral thrill that hatred provides. She really was having fun, wasn’t she?”

And if such a gag bombs as this has, the left allow themselves a “botched joke” mulligan that they themselves would never accept as an excuse for a similarly moronic gesture from the right.

More: Deceiver.com reminds us which modern nation sage foreign policy expert Roseanne has publicly described as a “Nazi state.” Two guesses, and no it’s not America.