Ed Driscoll

And If The Recession Is Indeed Over, As Newsweek Trumpets...

Does that actually make it easier to Rahm another “stimulus” through, as Melissa Clouthier suggests?

Everyone is trying to help the ailing Health Care legislation and therefore help President Obama. The question is: Does a bad economy help or hurt Obama?

On the one hand, a bad, getting worse economy frightens people who might be out of work and might run out of benefits.

On the other hand, a good economy could encourage people and help them think that maybe America can afford a huge new entitlement, because other people, rich people, people who have jobs will be taxed, not me.

As usual, the Obama media is trying to make it okay for Team Obama. Paul Krugman wrote a couple weeks ago that another stimulus bill might be needed. Newsweek boldly states that the Recession Is Over!

Speaking of that magazine, I should have tacked this onto the previous post; Newsweek’s Daren Briscoe is but the latest of a dozen MSM journalists to pass through the revolving door from promoting the Obama White House to being employed by it:

Daren Briscoe, a Newsweek correspondent who was embedded with Barack Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign, has taken a job with the Obama administration, according to an email sent to a listserv of his classmates at the Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism.

The email, written by Time reporter and fellow Columbia grad Jay Newton-Small, said Briscoe would be serving as deputy associate director of public affairs for the Office of National Drug Control Policy as of Monday.

Despite his multiple basketball games with our commander-in-chief, he always brought a skeptical eye to his work and in conversations about the candidate,” Newton-Small wrote the email.

Well that’s a relief!