Ed Driscoll

Where's The Beef?

In the New York Post, James Lileks writes:

It takes years of yoga to learn the posture necessary for speaking clearly with all your feet in your mouth. But for some the skill comes naturally, which brings us to Joe Biden. Those who saw Dick Cheney as an evil genius crouched silent in the shadows of the Oval Office like Nosferatu must enjoy Biden’s high profile: he’s out there daily with the sunny enthusiasm of Ronald McDonald opening another store. And, quite often, telling everyone to have a Whopper.

Read the whole thing, then flashback to the Top Ten Whoppers* Joe special ordered (mostly from the drive-through window at Katie’s Diner) on the campaign trail last year:

* Why yes, it was nearly impossible to narrow the list down to ten. With so much material to work from, your own list will no doubt vary wildly from ours.