Ed Driscoll


“And Now For Something Completely Crazy”, John Hinderaker quips:

The news is coming so thick and fast these days that it’s hard to keep up. The Supreme Court, socialized medicine, cap and trade, record deficits, foreign policy fecklessness–it’s easy to lose track of smaller issues with all that is going on. Still, H.R. 1018 shouldn’t be allowed to pass unnoticed.

H.R. 1018 is the “Restore Our American Mustangs Act.” It can fairly be described as a welfare program for horses. Believe it or not — this isn’t satire — here is what the bill will do:

[T]he “Restore Our American Mustangs Act” … would create a new $700 million welfare program for wild horses. The program:

  • Conducts a horse census every two years
  • Provides “enhanced contraception” and birth control for horses
  • Establishes an additional 19 million acres of public and private land for wild horses
  • Covers $5 million tab to repair horse damage to land
  • Mandates that government bureaucrats perform home inspections before Americans can adopt horses

“Enhanced contraception” for horses? Maybe I’m out of touch, but I didn’t realize that wild horses use contraception at all. Maybe the measure would be worth voting for if Nancy Pelosi would commit that she will personally attempt to fit a wild stallion with an “enhanced contraception” device at a critical moment. (Just kidding, liberals.)

This bill should go over extremely well with voters in Washington State.