Ed Driscoll

A Senator Hears What She Wants To Hear And Disregards The Rest

“Video: Witness rips Boxer for racial condescension”, speaking truth to power, you — or at least Babs — might say.

Update: Duane Patterson adds:

Boxer’s entire M.O. as senator is to wield liberal ethnic or gender groups as a bat to bludgeon any criticism to her agenda. That’s not debating, that’s bullying. That’s not respecting racial diversity. It’s using racial groups as a weapon. It may be lost upon Senator Boxer, but not all African-Americans agree on everything. Not all Minnesotans do, either, for that matter. Maybe she could have cited some statistics that challenged Mr. Alford’s material, and had a fruitful discussion about the merits of implementing a cap and tax and tax system. Boxer can’t have that discussion. She’d lose. Instead, she implies she has more black people supporting her than opposing her, so Mr. Alford must therefore be discredited. Her stunt yesterday was reprehensible, shameful, and another blush in a long line of embarrassments all non-union voting residents of the Golden State have had to endure.

Glad to see someone finally call her on it.

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