Ed Driscoll

Liberal Fascism, Then And Now

nragirls400First the then:

“Pic of the Day (Mid-1930s’ Edition): Economic Suicide Girls Get Tattooed For the NRA!”

Then the now:

“The Cult of Obama In New York City. I’m pretty sure the “OBEY” poster is parody, though. Pretty sure . . . .”

And of course, don’t forget those “Bottled Water Bans and Meat-Free Days”, for the complete New Puritan ethic.

Update: Newsweek, which back in February was proclaiming — diversity be damned — “We Are All Socialists Now” (try telling that to these folks) is now offering the latest in critical, objective journalism:  “Obama On Obama.”

Here’s a sample:

Obama is in making the call. He savors exercising the power of the presidency. Woodrow Wilson [Interesting comparison — Ed] described the office as “the vital place of action in the system.” From the financial sector to the automobile industry to terrorism, Obama has personally taken on those institutional characteristics. He is the action.

L’etat, c’est moi.