Ed Driscoll

"Brace Yourself, As This Bombshell Isn't For The Faint Of Heart"

To follow-up on his 140-character Tweet yesterday, Guy Benson has a lengthy post on NRO’s Media Blog which begins: “House Democrats are in (cynical, calculated) high dudgeon after a shocking ‘revelation’ was made public this week. Brace yourself, because this bombshell isn’t for the faint of heart:  After 9/11, the Bush administration considered a CIA program designed to target and kill top al-Qaeda operatives.”

Read the rest, which excerpts from the 2002(!) New York Times article on that very topic that we linked to yesterday.

More from Guy:

Let’s review.

1. Democrats are “furious” that the Bush administration didn’t tell them about a never-instituted CIA plan to eliminate top terrorists, and want to use the CIA director’s formal cancelation of the program last week as an opportunity to back up the speaker’s reckless and slanderous claim that the CIA lies “all the time.”

2. But the “secret” program in question was described by The Paper of Record seven years ago, and contemporary reports on the matter include quotes from intelligence sources who say that Congress had “long been briefed” on the original presidential finding that spurred the abandoned CIA strategy.

I’m beginning to suspect that some Democrats in Congress may not be all that serious about national security.

Rep. Boland could not be reached to comment on these allegations.