Ed Driscoll

Silicon Graffiti: "Tea For Five: The July 5th San Jose Tea Party Protest"

On the weekend of July 4th, the latest round of Tea Party Tax Protests swept the nation. We attended the San Jose Tea Party, held on Sunday July 5th at the intersection of Stevens Creek and Winchester Boulevards, and interviewed Richard Geno, president of the the Conservative Forum of Silicon Valley, for his take. We’ll also flash back to the April 15th Tea Party in San Jose, as well as the birth of the meme by CNBC’s Rick Santelli, and a CNN reporter who decided to make herself part of the news, rather than simply report it:

You’re more than welcome to embed the above video on your own blog — in fact, we encourage it. For a YouTube-sized version, click on the sideways-Y-shaped icon on the above video. To embed the bigger 16X9 widescreen version, click here, then click “Embed” and choose (naturally enough) “Big Widescreen Player” from the options below. Tune in to all the previous editions of Silicon Graffiti here. And for (literally) hours more video coverage, visit the American Tea Party page at PJTV.com.

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Related: Video from the local ABC affiliate of a July 4th Tea Party in the Central Valley of California: “Organizers said 15,000 ralliers showed up in Tulare Saturday morning demanding limited government, fiscal responsibility and free markets, something they believe they are not getting.”

California Assembly Speaker Karen Bass could not be reached for comment.

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