Ed Driscoll

Comeback: You're Doing It Wrong, GOP

Sister Toldjah adds Palin’s impending resignation to the recent list of Republican disappointments and writes:

So – Steele’s been a major disappointment as RNC Chair, Sanford’s presidential hopes have been dashed and political career all but over because he couldn’t stay faithful to his wife nor his state, ditto for Ensign in Nevada, and now Palin is (arguably) out of the race for 2012. If this was supposed to be the year that the GOP was supposed to launch its comeback, I’ve yet to see any evidence of it.

Meanwhile, Stacy McCain’s co-blogger Smitty may have spotted, as he calls it, the “Most ludicrous Sarah Palin reaction”, at, naturally enough, the HuffPo:

So Sarah Palin is stepping aside as Alaska Governor. Political junkies, and those that care about the future direction of the country, are just a bit tense. A two week wait to see what Sarah’s next step will be is a couple of decades in Internet time.

So here is Rachel Sklar: “Sarah Palin, You Owe The Media An Apology”

Let’s see if we can locate reasoning on HuffPo. Nope. The post seems to be a chronological series of perceived slights. Rachel concludes:

[Sarah Palin] swaggered onstage in front of the friendliest crowd ever, warmed up by Rudy Giuliani and Mike Huckabee, and blasted the media for daring to want to know who she was, what she’d done and what she stood for. Well, now we know. And it turns out that ten months ago, she was full of it.

So, Sarah Palin, you owe the media an apology.

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