Ed Driscoll

Frank Booth Could Not Be Reached For Comment

In honor of Ed McMahon’s passing, and found via Ann Althouse (blogging once again on her usual turf), the early 1970s defined, in a clip that was apparently designed for wholesalers of Budweiser Beer:

[youtube YGdf–8OsQM]

Even in the Ron Burgandy-esque era of 1972, “When Late Night Television Was Young”, as Andrea Shea King writes at Big Hollywood, did anybody actually associate Budweiser as being that swinging and hip a beer brand? It’s certainly no Pabst Blue Ribbon

Related: In other news documenting the slow demise of the legacy mass media, “Now Newspapers, Tomorrow the Evening News.”

Related: Though rather tangentially — Tim Blair and David Thompson look back in bemusement at 1970s British feminism, which arose partially in response to the UK moments equivalent to the above clip.