Now There's A Team With A Depth Chart!

Ronald Radosh calls Eric Alterman “the Left’s Most Dishonest Journalist.” Walter Duranty, Walter Cronkite, Jayson Blair, Dan Rather, Eason Jordan, Scott Thomas Beauchamp and their myriad of backups on the taxi squad (and team photographer Adnan Hajj) could not be reached for comment.


[youtube _lN80TQF6Ks]

Related: Victor Davis Hanson writes, “I am afraid I no longer believe . . .:”

…That we have an inquisitive American media as we once knew it. There has emerged something as bad as state-sanctioned coercion—which we could at least identify, and thus struggle against.

Now comes a more insidious, brave new self-imposed censorship of the Orwellian mode. It is not just the perennial embarrassment Chris Matthews describing his Obama ecstasy on camera, or even Newsweek’s Evan Thomas comparing his President to God, or even CNN execs being exposed trashing the US abroad at Davos, or whitewashing Saddam, but rather a more incremental new groupspeak in which basic words and ideas—from terrorism to war itself—have been reformulated according to political dictates.

On the other hand, some are at least inquisitive about where their bread is being buttered:

Richard Richtmyer, a Philadelphia-based newsman, set off Tuesday’s tempest with a seemingly harmless comment posted to his Facebook profile late last month criticizing the executive management of newspaper publisher McClatchy, whose stock plummeted following a 2006 acquisition of San Jose-based Knight Ridder.

Thou shalt not critize The Won or your industry!


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