Ed Driscoll

Emmanuel Goldstein Has Left The Building

Like a canceled TV series flickering on in endless reruns on Nick at Nite, “Bush Bashing continues in Canada”, Wendy Sullivan writes:

For all the expectation of trouble, the protesters were subdued. For eight years many of these same people had railed against George W. Bush and his so-called illegal war – it appeared today as though their spirit had died. Their arch villain was no longer a man of power – now he is merely a memory from their glorious past of fighting for justice. A civilian, not so different from themselves (or their moms and dads).

The crowd was small. The signs looked fresh, but could easily be recognized as having been used in past anti-American rallies on University Avenue, the location of the American Consulate. They chanted “War resisters in! War criminals out!” alluding to Bush’s villainous status as a war criminal in some circles, as well as Canada’s reputation as a haven for those who decide not to fight in the U.S. military.

A large mug shot-style poster of Bush was unfurled, and protesters were invited to come forward and hurl shoes at it; a reference to the shoe thrown at Bush by a displeased Iraqi journalist.

The whole event outside the Convention Centre had an air of sadness about it. It would be the last hurrah for many of the Toronto Bush Bashers. He’s gone, and they must find a new villain to focus on. Their love for Obama precludes him from the same fate, but for now they have turned their attentions on their own leader, Prime Minister Stephen Harper. A Conservative, Harper is the closest thing they have left to W.

But they’re going to need new signage.

Eastasia, Eurasia, Eisenhower, Nixon, Ford, Reagan, Bush. Since the message of the leftwing reactionaries hasn’t changed in half a century, it should be easy to plug a new name into Photoshop and get on with the outdoor animatronics.

Update: Wendy links to a brief video of the protestors in her Examiner article; another clip can be found at Breitbart.tv.