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New Silicon Graffiti Video: "21st Century Schizoid Mad Men"

You’d think that advertising would be the most political neutral environment around. Historically, most business owners have been reluctant to talk politics; why anger half your customers?

But an increasing number of corporations — or at least the ad agencies they hire to promote their wares—seem to love pushing the edge. And not surprisingly, that edge points sharply to the left.

The latest edition of Silicon Graffiti explores a troika of ad campaigns whose creators seemed more interested in politics than promoting product:

For an earlier video look at politically-questionable advertising, on the use of 9/11-themed ads, check out one of my first editions of Silicon Graffiti from March of 2008, before all our production elements started to coalesce. (To put it in terms that Donald Draper would appreciate...) And for about 30 more videos, click here and just keep scrolling.

Update: Welcome Red State readers, particularly since Caleb's Howe's post there last week is what got the ball rolling on this video.

Update: Welcome fellow Vodkareaders, and those clicking through the lovely image of Mad Men's Christina Hendricks that Don Draper, Don Surber embedded at the Daily Mail.

Update: Welcome those readers clicking in from STACLU, 5'F and the InstaMan!