Ed Driscoll

Were The Kurds Gassed Before Or After The Battle Of Yavin?

On the Friday edition of the CBS Early Show, Harry Smith demonstrated the keen journalistic insights that have come to define CBS:

You know, I remember being in Iraq before the war started, we were there just a couple of — a couple of weeks before the war started and it came, it was really, really clear to me on the ground that this didn’t make any sense. And I remember coming back, but there was all this sort of preponderance of opinion that this — this thing should go on. And I kept thinking to myself, ‘this doesn’t — there’s — I’m not connecting the dots everybody else is connecting.’ And if I have a regret in my reporting life that I didn’t stand up then and say, ‘this doesn’t make any sense.’

Damn it!… He’s using the Chewbacca defense!