Ed Driscoll

Magical Mystery Matthews Tour

Stacy McCain takes one for the team, and watches the same segment of Chris Matthews twice so you don’t have to:

Somewhere out there in America is a good TV newsman — liberal in his politics, but skilled at his craft — who is being deprived of a career opportunity because the stupid suits at MSNBC can’t see what anyone with two eyes and a brain can see: Chris Matthews sucks beyond hope of redemption, and he’s clogging up a perfectly good hour of cable TV time.

That Dan Rather fella’s been a struggling tyro TV newser in the Class-A minor leagues at HD-Net for a couple of years now, but he’s a gamer. Maybe it’s time to move him up to Triple-A baseball?

(And speaking of references from 2004, one victim of the shifting, churning media landscape checks in with another that’s in even worse shape, careerwise.)