Ed Driscoll

Happy Birthday, YouTube

Found via Greg Pollowitz, the Penn Station of video hosts turns four years old today. Here’s my early “Army of Davids”-style look at the benefits of the site at Tech Central Station from February of 2006. As for its downside, here’s my firsthand report at the drawback of relying upon the site as your sole video host.

And from Videomaker magazine in late 2007, here’s my look at some of the other video hosts out there, complete with quotes from my interview with Liz Stephans and Scott Baker of Breitbart.tv.

(For some uber-wonky video talk, my latest Videomaker article compares and contrasts CMOS and CCD sensors in video cameras, with a cameo appearance by Hahn Choi, one of the many hard working behind the scene people at PJTV.)