Ed Driscoll

"Earth Day Founder Murdered His Girlfriend"

Kathy Shaidle suggests that perhaps “long-time Earth Day advocate Ira Einhorn took the whole “recycling” thing a little too far when he ‘composted’ his girlfriend’s remains in a trunk in his closet…”

Back in 1970, Earth Day was a grassroots hippie event. The organizers chose April 22 – which just “happens” to be the birthday of their Soviet Communist hero, Lenin:

“One of the self-identified ‘founders’ of Earth Day, Bay Area activist John McConnell, has written that in 1969 he proposed to the San Francisco Board of Supervisors a new holiday to be called Earth Day on the first day of spring, the Equinox, around March 21. But, he writes, in 1970 local anti-Vietnam War and Environmental Teach-in activists ‘who were planning a one-time event for April 22, also decided to call their event Earth Day.’

“And what was this unnamed ‘one-time event’ in 1970? It was the 100th birthday celebration for Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov, known to history as Lenin…”

(Amusingly, the Soviets marked Lenin’s 100th birthday with – a massive tree planting in Siberia. The trees spell out a congratulatory message to the late dictator when seen from above. How “green” of them! Alas, the Soviets normally weren’t so environmentally savvy; their factories typically expelled exponentially more pollution than those in the  West, but few Leftists like to dwell on that “inconvenient truth. )

That very first Earth Day in Philadelphia, Ira Einhorn — local leftwing activist and self-promoting gadfly, a would-be Abbie Hoffman — served as the event’s Master of Ceremonies.

Today, Earth Day has been embraced by governments and corporations. Amazon.com is offering Earth Day specials; school kids are compelled to celebrate it instead of Christmas.

But founding organizer Ira Einhorn’s name is strangely absent from all the official Earth Day literature these days. It’s no wonder: the one-time up and coming counterculture superstar later killed his girlfriend and fled abroad to escape justice.

Here’s a flashback to another dodgy New Age “holiday”, complete with its own sixties-minted leftwing radical chic origins.

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