Ed Driscoll

Depression Schtick

Megan McArdle writes:

I hate to sound like Andy Rooney, but I think the time has come to retire the ad campaigns from retailers promising to “help” us with the recession by . . . giving us modest discounts on non-essential consumer goods.

Which dovetails remarkably well into this observation by Orrin Judd:

Were we not so narcissistic we’d recognize that life is too easy nowadays to teach many tough lessons. Just consider how comfortable the current “Second Great Depression” is. If you transported your great grandparents to today and showed them that you have it tough too they’d dope-slap you into next Wednesday.

Finally, for a glimpse of the new, new ’30s and just how hellish and Dickensian they truly are, Patrol magazine patrols Manhattan’s Upper East Side: The Almost-Rich Get Famous.”

Related:If you think the national mood is low now, go back to 1973-76.” Do we have any choice? President Obama is setting the Wayback Machine for there whether we want him to or not.