Ed Driscoll

New Silicon Graffiti Video: "P.U.M.A. Power!"

Historian Robert Conquest’s Third Law of Politics posits:

“The simplest way to explain the behavior of any bureaucratic organization is to assume that it is controlled by a cabal of its enemies.”

Malcolm Muggeridge’s Law explains that “there is no way that a writer of fiction can compete with real life for its pure absurdity.”

Hence, the P.U.M.A., the new vehicle that General Motors (or Government Motors as many are calling it these days) has teamed up with Segway to produce. It’s Iowahawk’s infamous Pelosi GTxi SS/Rt Sport Edition from November of last year come to life; (the video of which was used by permission of the Burge For Auto Czar Coaltion) despite the fact that (a) most Americans continue to buy large cars and (b) the Segway hasn’t exactly been a top-seller, despite the hype from over-eager journalists in search of a new story. (Err, like this fellow about five minutes before he started his blog in early 2002…)

This is our 30th edition of Silicon Graffiti; click here and keep scrolling through the archives for plenty of free-wheeling video action, burning down the Information Super Highway at a blazing 30 frames per second!

Related: Don Surber notes that in automobile-unfriendly New York City, “tree-huggers go to an auto show to show off their moral superiority.” Meanwhile, regarding the P.U.M.A., “Rest assured, the blur effect was Photoshopped.” Gentlemen, start your Evereadies!

More: “GM prepares bankruptcy filing, with $70B taxpayer pricetag.”

Update: Heh! Found in the comments to this post, GM is apparently testing the P.U.M.A. for military applications