They Could Be There For A While Working Out Their Differences

“Rosa Brooks, meet Human Nature.  Human Nature, Rosa Brooks.  Take some time to get acquainted.”

Insert obligatory “As always, life imitates P.J. O’Rourke” comment here.


Related: “International Lampoon”–Australia’s Tim Blair has a P.J. sighting. This is brilliant:

P J O’ROURKE: Richard Nixon was the best thing that ever happened to journalism. I mean this guy was wonderful. Just when you thought he could get no worse, he got worse. The other day I was down – I was in a store here in town and in rushed a camera crew from local television. And I said, “What’s up?” And they said, “There’s a big propane tank across the street here, just sprung a leak.” And I said, “Well, I guess this wouldn’t be the time to step outside and have a smoke, would it?” And they said, “Oh, please do. We worship different gods.”


“We worship different gods than you do.” And that of course – that’s journalism in a nutshell.

KERRY O’BRIEN: And that was Richard Nixon.

P J O’ROURKE: That was Richard Nixon, yeah.

Funny how the man and his nemisis seem to have merged in recent years.


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