Ed Driscoll

Nice Work If You Can Get It

Ed Morrissey notes that the Minneapolis Star-Tribune “wants to make a profit, and then be exempted from taxation on it”:

Perhaps if the Strib started editorializing in favor of the elimination of the corporate tax, then this would seem marginally less hypocritical.  But for a newspaper known for its rantings on soak-the-rich and corporate-fat-cat tax policies … let’s just say that they have no room to demand a change of status to a tax-exempt charity.

Scott Johnson laughs:

Surely there’s a story here somewhere. In the Age of Obama, L3C may just be the next big thing! You too can be a charity case, living on the kindness of strangers. While someone digs out the story, the idea I would like the Newspaper Guild to hear is that Minnesota would be better off without the Star Tribune.

I’d rather see them improve than disappear.  However, I’d rather they disappear than get millions in government tax waivers by claiming to be a charity case.

Meanwhile in Boston, as New York Times-owned Boston Globe hits an iceberg of its own, J.G. Thayer explores the interrelationship of  “Unions and Self-Destruction.”