Ed Driscoll

New Silicon Graffiti Video: "I'm From The Federal Government..."

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Last weekend, we witnessed the yin and the yang of contemporary liberalism: on Saturday March 28th, we were hectored about our energy use, in the form of the anti-progress “Earth Hour.” On Saturday March 29th, the CEO of General Motors was ousted by President Obama, because he didn’t sell enough cars–the same person who told us on the campaign trail a year ago that we can’t keep driving our SUVs and consuming the energy we do.

Confused? Don’t worry; the federal government has trained therapists standing by to relieve your stress!

This is the 29th edition of Silicon Graffiti (complete with a new look for the opening credits); click here and start scrolling for lots more video action. At least until the pitchforks arrive, and your humble narrator is replaced by a new, federally-approved host…

Update: Steve Green checks in with the new Obama-approved CEO of GM, who has everything he needs to rebuild the troubled healthcare and pension agency, that happens to build a few cars on the side–except perhaps a plan. Or as Wendy Sullivan sums things up, “Obama Administration undermines auto industry.” But from the perspective of the POTUS with the TOTUS, is that a feature or a bug?

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