Ed Driscoll

Expectations Dramatically Lowered

“As a journalist, I did not drink the Obama Kool-Aid last year. I think if he walks across the Potomac, his feet will get wet.”

Newsweek editor Jon Meacham at the Reagan Library.

I’m surprised the editor of the liberal opinion magazine didn’t spontaneously combust there. And as Kathy Shaidle notes, “So what you’re saying is: [Obama] CAN walk on water…?”

Perhaps not. It seems entirely reasonable to assume that if the president can, as he promised last year on the campaign trail, cause the oceans to recede, surely he can drain the Potomac from time to time for an easy commute on foot.

Related: Ed Morrissey rhetorically asks:

Has the press discovered that their love affair will be decidedly unidirectional, now that Obama won the election? Or will they actually realize that it was unidirectional all along, but that their infatuation blinded them to this, as well as several other truths about Barack Obama that have become clear from the fumbling, bumbling start to his presidency?

As Ed responds, channeling Steve Martin’s recurring riff as frequent guest-host during Saturday Night Live‘s early years, “Naaaaaah.” A more up-to-date recurring riff from NBC spotted here.

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