Ed Driscoll

"'Racist' Is The New 'Commie'"

The Sheridan Sun has a brief profile of Kathy Shaidle:

“As I like to say, but wish I didn’t have to say it, ‘racist’ is the new ‘commie.’ Back in the 1950s and ’60s, if someone in the arts or politics was labeled a ‘communist,’ it could automatically end their career. Today, the Left, who always condemns that old ‘communist’, blacklisting, have turned around and invented a new ‘magic’ word they use to demonize anyone who disagrees with them: ‘racist’. … It doesn’t matter that these quotes of mine have been edited down to one or two words, chopped up and rearranged and even have had words I didn’t write added to them! People see that and they decide I’m a ‘racist.’”

Or as Kathy and/or Robert Stacy McCain dubbed it (not sure who got there first), the ransom note method of selective misquotation.