Ed Driscoll

Obama’s Rumsfeld Problem

The Rhetorican suggests that Obama has a bit of a Rumsfeldian dilemma:

Hmm.  Does Forbes’s Dan Gerstein read The Rhetorican?

I doubt it, but he’s obviously caught the same vibe I caught the other day:

Obama has more than a Geithner problem. He has what I would call a Rumsfeld problem... [T]he president made the mistake of going to economic war with the army he had–which was built for political speed and presidential comfort–instead of the army he needs to beat back the crisis of confidence that is crippling our markets…

I’m not sure Obama has gone to economic war with the right weapons either.  How will socialized medicine, cap and trade, and universal college ward off the ravages of the crisis?  Is there – dare I ask –  an exit strategy?  When do we stop the bailouts and gargantuan deficits?

Or to put it in terms Obama can understand: when do we bring our finances back home to reasonableness?

In the meantime, you and I have a…do I even need to say it at this point? Especially with further lunatic bills such as this from various state governments with the potential to further gum up the works inside our “emerging” financial markets?

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