Was It Over When Sacramento Bombed Pearl Harbor?

Sounding themes that others such as Victor Davis Hanson have recently noted, Congressman Devin Nunes (R-CA) says, “It’s ‘Over’ for California”:


Congressman Devin Nunes (R-CA) spoke at a Heritage Foundation event yesterday. Along with an assessment of the current condition of the federal government, he lamented the state of his congressional district in the heart of California’s agricultural center.

Environmental special interests and lobbyists in California pressured liberal legislators to pass measures that essentially “turned off the water” to the San Joaquin Valley, part of the most agriculturally productive region in the world.

The congressman explained that the state government has essentially “legislated everyone out of California.” He noted the $40-50 billion budget shortfall California will experience in FY 2009, and how future shortfalls are only expected to increase. Having been allowed to fester for such a long time, there is now very little the state can do the stave off an all-out economic collapse and the hardship the state will inevitably experience.

Especially surprising was Congressman Nunes’s four word statement: “It’s ‘over’ for California.” He continued that he couldn’t explain what “over” meant, but that, if there is one, “the reset button must be pushed.”


The significance? Those same kinds of policymakers from California, with the same kinds of special interest influences, are now leading the United States House of Representatives.

I have to laugh about politicians who, with one side of their mouth talk about regrowing the economy, while with the other half what to ban half the things the economy produces. And I can’t help but think that somewhere, there’s a politician in Sacramento reading an article such as this and thinking hmmm….fabulous idea.


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