Ed Driscoll

Washington: Behind Closed Doors

Ed Morrissey asks, “Why do Democrats hate the press?”, adding, “People assume that Republican politicians hate the media, but at least they don’t shut them out of events”, the way that leading Democrats do–including, as Ed notes, current President Obama and former Vice President Gore.

Perhaps because having aided in both men soaring to heights far above each of their comptency levels, as Jennifer Rubin notes, Hell hath no fury like a bunch of Gray Ladies scorned.  (For a quick snapshot of their Obama love affair during cozier times, click here.) And while future Shamwow pitchman Keith Olbermann suggested in 2008 that both Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin should both be metaphorically terminated with extreme prejudice, Roger L. Simon has a much more generous reward program for today’s media: “The MSM should resign over Obama’s failure.”

Glenn Reynolds adds, “We had a major abrogation of press responsibility during the election.” Well, only in terms of how the legacy media styled itself from the 1920s through the early 1990s. But in terms of the traditional role of the press advocating hard for various causes, it’s a return to a long gone tradition–though without the cozy door-to-door style of some of The One’s more devoted followers.

At least for the moment.

Update: Jim Treacher adds, “In the interest of fairness, Steve Kroft should have to apologize to the Retired Boxers Foundation”; Orrin Judd suggests, “Just tend the garden, Chance.”