Ed Driscoll

That Network Was Our Last Hope. No, There Is Another...

John Hinderaker writes:

The Associated Press reports that Media Matters, a creature of MoveOn, George Soros, and other far-left backers, has launched a campaign against the cable network CNBC:

They’re asking CNBC to hire economic voices with a track record of being right about the current crisis and do more to hold business leaders accountable.

Those who have been “right,” in Media Matters’ view, are of course leftist critics.

In one respect, the Left’s campaign against CNBC may turn out differently from its anti-Limbaugh effort. Rush is a single, principled individual who can fight back with conviction and wit. CNBC is controlled by a bunch of corporate suits. Such individuals may or may not be susceptible to pressure by a disreputable group like Media Matters.

I’m sure Fox Business News would welcome all of those who wish to tune out CNBC…

Related: “According to the Associated Press, [Media Matters is] a liberal media watchdog. Funny, but they never seem to watch the liberal media very much.”