Ed Driscoll

Twitter On The Edge Of Forever

The proprietor of Right Wing Nation is not yet ready to join the Twitter Collective:

I am one of Ed Driscoll’s biggest fans, but I am just as profoundly uninterested in the latest, hottest web 2.0 gimmicks as I am pop culture. I’m not sure what the excitement about Twitter is about; from what I’ve seen, it’s nothing more than individual sentences, blogging reduced to its tersest and least communicative, and I fail to see the point.

While we very much appreciate the compliment about our efforts in general, I can understand RWN’s reluctance about Twitter. I remember finally meeting James Lileks in person during the GOP convention in early September in Minneapolis, and his raving about Twitter–and thinking, OK, I’m blogging, I’m doing radio, I’m doing video, what do I need Twitter for? But right around that same time, my wife started Twittering to promote her law practice.

Somehow, she stumbled over TweetDeck, and that makes all the difference in the world. The Twitter HTML page doesn’t look like much. But seeing a combination of headlines from various publications, breaking news, and chats from your Internet friends wizzing past in close to real time on an applet like TweetDeck is a pretty nifty online experience. And as I mentioned to Hugh Hewitt in the above video, it’s been fascinating watching breaking news bubble up first from Twitter, then to the blogs and Drudge, then to the MSM.

On the other hand, I’m with RWN when it comes to Facebook–which Matt Labash cheerfully demolishes over at the Weekly Standard.

Update: Welcome Little Green Footballs’ Lizardoid Army–and note that Little Green Footballs now has a Little Green Twitter feed. If you’re on Twitter, click early and often on its “follow” button.