Dispatches From The WOT

Not the War On Terror–dude, that so 2007!–but the White House’s War On Television, or at least its pundits.

To paraphrase Newsbusters’ Jeff Poor, now that CNBC’s Rick Santelli has been dispatched to Siberia, and Jon Stewart took out fellow Democrat Jim Cramer with a couple of shots from an old Italian bolt-action joke book, is CNBC’s Larry Kudlow next in line to become an unpundit? The L.A. Times, much like Stewart, is happy to do the Obaministration’s dirty work for them; presumably Robert Gibbs, the White House Press Secretary will be pleased.


Meanwhile, back in the world of print media, Robert Stacy McCain notes that the re-education of David Brooks is continuing apace.

Note that the White House attacking a group of moderate to conservative pundits to its right. In a way, it’s remarkable inversion of the mid-1960s, in which the moderate LBJ administration and its “Great Society” programs were being besieged by the youthful, then-nascent baby boomer far left.

Today, it’s the boomers in the leftwing White House who are attempting to marginalize the pundits to its right who are attempting to point out, if not slow down, Barack’s headlong rush to build the Brokest Generation.


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