Ex-Terrorist Seeks Terrorist Protection

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Unrepentant terrorist Bill Ayers has the temerity to demand that taxpayers protect him from terrorists when he visits Millersville University, Pa., next month.

Technically, the college made the request.

Maybe the police should just arrest him and be done with it. Protective custody.

The police are not very happy, as one can imagine.

Jack Brubacker of the Lancaster New Era newspaper reported: “Area law enforcement officers are disturbed. Speaking on their behalf, Lancaster County District Attorney Craig Stedman said law enforcement must provide security if the university requests it, ‘regardless of how we feel about an unrepentant terrorist’.”

State Rep. John Bear, a Republican, said: “The fact that they even asked the anti-terrorism task force to be involved shows you they think this is going to be controversial, maybe even dangerous. Why would they even hold the event in the first place?”

Ayers does not need this protection. After all, the man had guile enough to escape every law enforcement official in the nation for nearly a decade. Surely he can duck al-Qaeda for a few days.

Or better yet, he should have the Nation of islam protect him. After all, he bragged in a book about how safe the group made his neighborhood in Hyde Park, Chicago.


Couldn’t fellow “academic” Ward Churchill and his AK-47 provide enough protection? In any case, as Don Surber concludes, “If your dander is not up high enough, read the story here.”


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