Odds And Sods

Links and everything but the kitchen sink for Tuesday morning:

A Starbucks Bailout? I prefer my stimulus plans caffeine-free. (Related: “Starbuck’s stock price tracks the economy. Ouch.”)


Unleaded Obamapremium: “Crude oil is getting cheaper, so why isn’t gas?” Because we can’t drill, baby, drill!

“Will Barack Obama end the culture wars? He couldn’t if he wanted.”

California’s Budget Woes: Shana, they bought their tickets; they knew what they were getting into. I say…let ’em crash! (It’s enough to make any muscle-bound Governator let out a primal scream of carbonated horror!)

Who Knew That Dubya Stood For Windom? Captain, sensors have detected…the Obamadoomsday Machine!

Did Hugo Get 99.96 Percent Of The Vote, too? Legacy media coverage of Chavez “election” seems remarkbaly reminiscent of legacy media coverage of Saddam’s “elections.”

Getting Them Coming And Going: “Paterson Pushing Porn Tax” in New York State? Meanwhile, “Householders to be charged for each flush of toilet” in Australia. It’s enough to make a man drink–until he sees the 1900 percent(!) beer tax proposed in Oregon!

“Thou Shalt Not Mock Obama:” So much for “Dissent is Patriotic.”


He’s The Bomb: “Evidently The New York Times editors have somewhat of a crush about Bill Ayers.” So does this mean it’s 1970 again, or September 10th inside the house of Pinch–or both?

Speaking Of The Seventies All Over Again 1: “Unearthed 1998 Video: Stimulus Bill Fulfills Obama’s Dream to Repeal Clinton Welfare Reform.”

Speaking Of The Seventies All Over Again 2: Alvy Singer actually turns a profit.

Enough With the Seventies! Aqua-Net Mousse ad defines 1980s visual zeitgeist in 30 seconds. And it’s not just for the distaff demographic anymore!

This Sea Kitten Has Seconds To Live! Death from above.

Great Moments In Blog Comments: “I know her! That’s Nancy Pelosi, She must have missed her flight to Rome.”


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