Pinch, It's Time To Call Don Draper

What is it with the New York Times’ ads lately? Last month, Galley Slaves linked to their incredibly lame Bobos In Paradise On Park Ave. themed Web video ads, noted (accurately, I think) “Whatever was spent on this ‘Conversations’ project might as well have been flushed down a drain. Just ridiculous”, and asked, “Do Newspapers Deserve to Die?


Today, Steve Green looks at the Times’ latest online ad featuring a glowing photo of The One Who Pinch Has Been Waiting For and asks:

Is it just me, or has the NYT ad department just given the President a ringing endorsement? It’s one thing when the editorial page makes an endorsement, but a banner ad? Really?

My favorite is the recent theme featuring the headline, “Subscribe To History,” which has a remarkably ironic unintended subtext.


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