Ed Driscoll

Country Joe Biden And The Sea Kittens

in his last week in power, in order to ensure that the nation’s capital actually survive the transition process, President Bush had declared DC a disaster area. Between the inclement weather, the lack of indoor plumbing, the minimum of functional outdoor plumbing, and hundreds of thousands of pop music-loving anti-war protesters, last Thursday, I wrote that the inauguration sounded like “a repeat of Woodstock, except with Geritol the drug of choice instead of LSD, and many fewer cool bands.”


CNN’s John Roberts, the architect of CNN’s infamous “Wright-Free Zone” last year, agrees. As Newsbusters puts it, “CNN’s John Roberts Dubs Inaugural Crowds ‘Barack-stock'”:

CNN’s CAROL COSTELLO: You know, usually, you have a little bit of a problem getting people to agree to be on television, but not yesterday. People were begging to be on TV. They wanted their thoughts recorded. They were very much aware that history was being made, and they wanted to be a part of it in whatever way they could.

JOHN ROBERTS: It really was ‘Barack-stock’ — peace, love, and history.

COSTELLO: It really was.

Well far out, man! The lead act was pretty amazing, but did you catch Country Joe Biden And The Sea Kittens? Crosby, Stills And Rahm? Clinton Clearwater Revival? And how ’bout that oldies act, Thomas Jefferson Airplane!

Seriously though, it did seem like there was plenty of featherweight pop culture and more than a few bad trips yesterday as well. Hopefully the administration will recover from their dalliance with nostalgie de la boue and actually govern like grownups. The legacy media’s long strange acid trip of the last election cycle may have been too much for them to overcome, though.


Update: While CNN’s Roberts declared yesterday to be “peace, love, and history”, Michael Medved notes that “President Obama explicitly and forcefully distanced himself from the far-left ‘peace activists’ who provided his drive for the presidency with much of its initial energy and urgency.”

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