Ed Driscoll

No Magic Internet Button For GOP

Andrew Breitbart writes, “it’s understandable that Republicans are green with envy and scratching their heads wondering why the Internet works for Democrats but doesn’t work for them. The simple answer:”

There is no technology that can help overcome the left’s current online dominance.

There is no wizard in Silicon Valley who can make things better.

There is no Joe Trippi who can take an obscure Republican and push him to victory using online tools past, present and future.

Facebook won’t do it. Twitter won’t do it. Countering Soros and MoveOn .org won’t do it. And mimicking Kos and Arianna won’t do it.

Sorry, Republicans, there is no magic Internet button.

The Democratic Party resonates on the Internet because it resonates in pop culture. The Democratic Party resonates in pop culture because it has been committed to dominating it for over a generation.

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