Bush Declares Disaster Area

> Hurl-Blogging The Inaugur-A-Palooza, The Dry Heaves” href=”http://www.julescrittenden.com/2009/01/14/hurl-blogging-the-inaugur-a-palooza-the-dry-heaves/”>Jules Crittenden writes, “Anxious not to be stuck with the blame for another Katrina, Bush puts the federal disaster response into motion ahead of time, mobilizing FEMA bucks.”


Jules has photographic evidence of the multiple survival mechanisms being put into place for those enduring the disaster region. He also links to an article which states that incoming volunteers are well aware of the grim conditions they’ll be facing:

Beginning this weekend, millions of people are expected to swarm into the Nation’s Capital – many with the highest expectations of seeing history unfold around them.Most seem aware of the challenges they face, transportation difficulties at best, millions of charged up people in the same place, enduring the elements for long hours, and all with no access to indoor plumbing.

Not to mention all of the anti-war protesters. In other words, a repeat of Woodstock, except with Geritol the drug of choice instead of LSD, and many fewer cool bands.

Related: Not that the Washington establishment isn’t itself quite a hallucinatory experience.


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