"Biden To Shrink VP Role--Big Time"

Hey, let’s give the left some credit for this–they finally found something in government worth cutting.

Jennifer Rubin adds:

How magnanimous of Biden to recommend his own irrelevancy. The funniest part of this article is the willingness of the reporter, with a straight face, to convey the Biden spin that this was “all his idea.” Yeah. I’m sure President-elect Obama pleaded with him, “Joe, I need to to coordinate national security. I need you to oversee economic recovery. I need you to be charged with Congressional relations.” But, of course, Biden declined. Oh, please.

The good news is that the one Biden’s specialty will be labor issues. So, if the least significant person in the administration gets this in his portfolio, maybe “card check” isn’t so high on the agenda after all.


If the office of the veep really is shrinking as much as the Politico states, there’s a suggestion proffered by NBC as to where those funds could be used



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